Theme Unmask
Number of players: 2-8
Recommended: 6 players
Time limit: 60 Mins

Your roommate in a biology postgraduate program had gone missing a couple of years ago. The last time you heard from her, she was heading to the professors study room. Rumors have it that the professor had been conducting illegal experiments using stem cells to combine animal and human genes.

The police had no leads at the time and the case went cold. As the anniversary of her disappearance approaches, you and a group of fellow students decide to do your own investigation, starting at your missing roommates last known location.

You know the professor will be at a faculty meeting for the next 60 minutes. You step into his study and the door locks behind you, trapping you and your friends inside. Was he expecting you? Can you find a way out before he returns?

Game Review:
"Overall, this was a great room. It had exciting portions, with good puzzles, but was just a little tougher than I expected, so be prepared ..." More
"Unmask is the third room that we’ve played at Freeing, and true to their style, they did an excellent job with the décor ..." More
"需要非常好的觀察力, 聯想力, 數字, 和模式識別。 有生物學知識的玩家會有少少好處。有多間房間, 佈置和道具非常貼切主題。 ..." More
"裝潢佈置都是屬於非常高的水準,所有技術上的運作都沒有問題。值得一讚的是道具非常逼真,讓我有不敢和不想碰的感覺。 ..." More
"Freeing Canada Toronto is a breath of fresh air for Richmond Hill (my hometown). Keep in mind our review reflects an Opening Day room, which with any other company has never been perfect. We look forward to revisiting Freeing Canada to what else Ken and Ada have cooked up ..." More