Theme Unmask
Number of players: 4-8
Recommended: 6 players
Time limit: 60 Mins

An escape room like no other! Freeing Canada Station - Toronto is proud to announce Unforeseeable Pyramid opening on October 3rd. BOOK NOW!!!

Posted by Freeing Canada Station - Toronto Escape Games on Saturday, 26 September 2015

You were asked to clean out the office of an archeology professor, Dr. Johnathan Bancroft, who has been mysteriously missing for over 10 years. As you were collecting books and research papers into cardboard boxes, you came across a peculiar looking journal belonging to the professor.

You dusted it off and opened the journal to its last entry. It read; "It has been one week since my dear friend and colleague Professor Milligan left on an expedition to the newly discovered Egyptian pyramid. His research assistant returned 3 days ago without him, pale as a ghost, and claimed that he was instructed to watch the equipment outside of the pyramid, but then after about an hour, the assistant heard terrifying screams ... and then silence. I must find out what happened to Dr. Milligan."

You and a group of adventurers decide to embark on a journey to the ancient pyramid to unravel the mystery of the missing professors.

Game Review:
"Was it good? Yes – amazing in fact! The set design, the immersive feel, the quality of the room and the puzzles all fit together really well. ..."More
"Unforeseeable Pyramid is only the second pyramid-themed room that I’ve played, I’m gonna say right now that it’s my favourite one ..." More
"適合有經驗玩家,需要非常好的觀察力,聯想力,精確性,耐性和英文解謎。總結是:“好玩”! ..." More
"總括來說我覺得在這裡玩得很爽,佈景很逼真,故事很有趣,是很好的經驗。推薦給有經驗的玩家,建議六人或以上一起玩。 ..." More
" Unforeseeable Pyramid is a solid room with great story and tech elements. Its not only our favourite Freeing Canada room, but now also our favourite Egypt-themed room. We highly recommend to bring a top-notch team to challenge it, ’cause we only got out with 2 seconds left ..." More