Theme Painters Murderer
Number of players: 2-6
Recommended: 4 players
Time limit: 45 Mins

A mans body was found next to a river this morning by the police. According to the autopsy report, he was identified as a famous painter. It was no secret that the painter had an affair with a local artist; however this woman denied their relationship and refused access to her gallery for police investigation. Their hands are tied until a warrant is issued.

Time is essence, and as a top detective, you know that she could be destroying valuable evidence at this very moment. There is no time to waste. You decide to sneak into the gallery to gather evidence to uncover the truth. Its up to you to solve this case.

Game Review:
"All in all, it’s a good room, not a great one, but if you’re looking for subtle twists and different experiences in your escape rooms why not give it a shot? ..." More
"he Painter’s Murder is a great room. We ran into a few puzzle related issues, but otherwise the game was simple, polished and overall a great starting point for new players. ..." More
"雖然地方細細,間房嘅佈置都應有盡有,一啲都唔馬虎。裡面好多擺設,需要靈敏嘅觸覺先能夠識別到邊D先係線索。 其實啲謎題唔算好難,題目與主題都很貫徹,方向都好明確,適合初玩者。 ..." More
"對作為 CSI 粉絲的我, 實在非常吸引, 所以在 Creativity and Puzzles 上加了分。 ..." More
"One thing that I definitely did like though is the room design. The setting was an art studio, and that’s exactly what it looked and felt like. And the puzzles were related to the whole art theme as well. ..." More
"The challenges made sense, and it was a fun experience. It is a good room for beginners ..." More