Theme Pirates Prize
Number of players: 2-6
Recommended: 4 players
Time limit: 60 Mins

A friend aboard the Red Pearl has tipped you off that its captain, Silverstone, has acquired an artifact worth a hundred times its weight in gold.

To gain entry to the ship, you hatch a plan to track down Silverstone in port and insult his mother. It works. You’re locked up in the Quartermaster’s room and sentenced to walk the plank to your death at sunrise.

You have one hour left to locate the artifact and make your escape, or find yourself feeding the sharks.

Game Review:
"To answer my question, I would say that Freeing Canada exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait to get back there to try out their other rooms, so if anyone needs an additional team member, let me know! The combination of theme, set design, puzzles and props really makes this room a FUN experience..." More
"Pirate’s Prize is easily one of our favourite rooms of 2016. If you like quality games, visit Freeing and give this room a try..." More