Theme Mission Incredible
Number of players: 2-8
Recommended: 6 players
Time limit: 60 Mins

You are a top ranking CIA operative. The agency recently retrieved intel implicating the intentions of a notorious gang. The gang leader has discovered that the largest and brightest diamond displayed at the Royal Museum possesses special properties.

You and your team has been assigned to retrieve the diamond from the museum without alarming the authorities. The agency was able to bypass the security system to get you inside, but the rest is up to you. You have 60 minutes before the museums security is restored to full capacity.

Warning: this game requires physical exertion. Please listen to the limits of your body, and let our staff know if you wish to bypass that section.

Game Review:
"So would I recommend Mission Incredible? Definitely! I loved the strong teambuilding component, the consistent theme, the solid immersion, and I really enjoyed that it required some keen observational skills ..." More
"Mission Incredible lives up to its name. A great (laser) room with fun and challenging elements ..." More
"I would recommend this game. This is the fourth 45 minute room I’ve put onto my recommendations list. Oftentimes 45 minute rooms feel like they don’t have enough “game” in them. Mission Incredible seemed like just the right amount ..." More