Theme Devils Toy Box
Number of players: 2-6
Time limit: 45 Mins

You and your friends are trick or treating Halloween night. The streets are filled with ghosts and ghouls, of all sizes. Laughter and the buzzing of excitement fill the air. A cool autumn breeze pushes you towards a house down the road. Despite being so filled with people, the closer you walk towards the house the quieter it gets. You feel yourself drawn towards the dark mansion. It’s not out of curiosity though, you feel a phamtastic feeling pulling you in, step by step. All your friends are there with you, quiet, watching. Before you know it you are at the steps of the house, then inside, then in front of a dark hallway. The quiet knocking, ticking, buzzing. Something in your head. In your heart. Clawing at you, telling you to come closer. The hallway is dark, so you begin to walk. And then like that you feel your feet stop, along with your heart...

Warning: scary content and dark environment, not suitable for those who dont like to be scared!